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    Monday, May 13, 2019   /   by Geoffrey Zahler

    April - Single Family House Market Update

    Happy May!  Wow, already 1/3 of the way done with 2019.  Before we know it, kids will be back in school, even though they aren't even out of school yet.  Wherever you are, I hope you're doing well, and enjoying Spring.

    Here's a brief market update.  As always, the numbers presented are for Single Family Residences only, and does not include townhomes or condos.  If you want info on these, please contact one of your amazing Zahler Properties agents!

    Market Update - Video Edition: https://youtu.be/03t3GfMl1e4

    Sales Price
    The Median Sales price held steady at $300,000, and this is now the 3rd month out of the last 4 that the Median Sales price remained at $300,000.  In fact, going back to September of last year, $300,000 has been hit 4 times, but never ending the month higher than this.  This leveling out is something we didn't see in 2017 or 2018, so could be an indication that while the market remains solid, we're not going to see the do ...

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    Tuesday, April 16, 2019   /   by Geoffrey Zahler

    Las Vegas Market Update - Quarter 1 2019

    The Las Vegas Market had a great first 3 months to the year.  When we consider the last part of Q4 and the first part of Q1 as our "slow" time of the year, it was nice to see our markets to continue to grow and appreciate.

    As I do with all of our Quarterly updates, I pull stats for Single Family Residences ONLY; I do not take into consideration Condos or Townhomes.  These are an important part of our market too, so if you're interested in these, please let me know and I can pull separate reports for you!

    Median and Average Sales Price 
    Our Median Sales price for the first quarter ended at $300,000 for Single Family Homes.  This is about a 1% increase for the Quarter, as we started the year at $297,000.  While not a 'large' increase, if you annualized this, we are looking at a +4% increase.  Our First Quarter in 2018 ended at $280,000, so in the last 12 months, we've actually seen a 7.1% increase in home values.  Once again ...

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    Tuesday, January 15, 2019   /   by Geoffrey Zahler

    Bold Predictions - Looking Back on 2018 and Predicting 2019

    Hi all,

    When you make bold predictions, they can be way off because you just say they're bold.  But when you record them, blog about them, and video them, there's no way you can't go back and review your predictions.  Some I was close on, some I was way off, and some were just funny.  

    If you want to see the video we did on our 2018 Recap and 2019 Predictions, visit our YouTube video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=peR9_MNd7no

    Las Vegas Market Statistics Predictions:

    Closed Sales
    For 2017, through 11 months, we are already at 41,141
    For 2018 - I am predicting 49,000 units sold!
    Boy - was I wrong.  We saw a slight uptick over 2017, but this number pretty much has remained consistent for 3 years running.  We ended 2018 with 42,094 units sold.  For 2019, I am predicting 43,000!

    Median Days on Market
    In 2017, we are sitting currently at 15 Days on Market
    I think 2018 will be slightly slower, but still predicting the Med ...

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    Tuesday, December 18, 2018   /   by Geoffrey Zahler

    How to Handle Low Ball Offers

    Want to watch the video instead?  Watch here: https://youtu.be/338IZlODUp8

    No one likes to get lowball offers.  Locally, as we are seeing homes sit on the market just a little longer than they have been over the last 18 months, low ball offers are starting to become a little more frequent.  Here are some ways to handle a lowball offer and push through!

    First off, is it REALLY a lowball offer, or is it simply an offer LOWER than your really high listing price?  Who set the list price?  Was it you or your agent?  If your agent suggested a lower price to you originally, how close is this offer to that price?

    Consider WHO is making the offer.  Do you know who the buyer is?  Maybe they were touring the home when you were there, so you know.  Was it someone you let into the home?  Do you think it’s part of their negotiating, or do you think they are only really interested in STEALING the property for that price? &n ...

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    Tuesday, December 11, 2018   /   by Geoffrey Zahler

    Top 5 Tips to make sure your Flip doesn't Flop

    Happy Tuesday!

    On yesterday's House Rules: Real Estate in Sin City (https://youtu.be/VP9_BhnM_Rs), we discussed the Top 5 Ways to make sure your next Flip project doesn't become a Flop!  We know TV shows are glamorizing the idea of buying a home, fixing it up, and making crazy profits.  It's not that easy people.  This is a business for most people, who do them in volume.  For my baseball fans, successful flippers try to simply hit singles and doubles.  Every once in a while they hit a home run, which is great, but they do everything in their power to NOT STRIKE OUT!  Avoiding bad flips is the key to staying in the flip business, and here are the top 5 ways you can avoid a flop!

    This one sounds simple, but it's important.  Are you going to be buying homes, condos, or townhomes?  Are you going to just put in some paint and maybe some new flooring, or are you going to be knocking down walls to open space up, add space, and g ...

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